Evangelization through Giving Christ Gifts and Christian Items

Giving Christ gifts can seem like an ordinary or subjective action, and perhaps at best case a pious form of gift-giving. All of the items we sell can seem like ordinary or subjective items, mere symbols of belief. Some may even seem like a hobby, fashion, or style. Crucifixes, pendants, tapestries, t-shirts, or rosaries are indeed made of wood, metal, minerals, or cloth. Sometimes even holy objects may become background items in our daily lives. We walk past them without lowering ourselves to reverence, wear them absent-mindedly and forget to give them thought, give Christian gifts away arbitrarily as holiday celebrations.

These perceptions can be true and do occur from time to time, arguably for everyone. However, these same ordinary or subjective items can serve as powerful inspirations for conversion. Every crucifix, pendant, tapestry, t-shirt, or rosary can be a reminder of our faith and call to mind past and future steps we have taken in our walk with God. Christ gifts and Christian gifts can be holy vessels that call us or our loved ones to turn towards the Lord, open our hearts or the hearts of our loved ones to the Holy Spirit and saving faith, and kindle a relationship between the supernatural presence they reflect and the receiver of a gift. By chance and in the darkest times, evangelization through gift-giving can allow us to feel God's reach across time to encourage us and strengthen us.

A crucifix can humble emotions or stir prayer. A t-shirt can remind others of God's Presence and inject living faith into an otherwise mundane world. Tapestries and decorations can sanctify homes and the lives of those that take the step of blessing their homes with them. Of course, a rosary can lead to total transformation of a person, melt cold and hardened hearts with loving warmth, and bring the powerful intercession of our Blessed Mother before God to those who pray. These sacramentals pave the way for the sacramental life for ourselves and for our loved ones, and are always opportunities to build the Church of God.

There are many Christ gifts and Christian gifts vendors and stores, but we thank you for giving us your time. Your support means more than the sale of sacramentals and the giving of gifts. As children of God, use of Christ gifts in our lives and the lives of loved ones to spread and strengthen the Faith can be part of our calling to God.

May the Peace of the Lord be with us, and the Grace of the Almighty bring us together.